400-5 Equipment Sharing and Rental Policy


The R.M. of Gull Lake No. 139 and the R.M. of Carmichael No. 109 agree to share equipment on the following terms:

  • Each municipality shall set their rental rates using the current Provincial rental guide;
  • The renter of the equipment shall provide their own power units wherever applicable;
  • If the owner’s power unit is used with attachment, the rent shall apply to both units;
  • The owner is responsible for maintenance and the costs of maintenance;
  • The renter is responsible for wearable items such as blades and tips;

Method of payment

  • each municipality shall maintain ownership of its equipment
  • each municipality shall keep track of the hours of usage;
  • once a year paying the usage fee difference;
  • in December, the municipalities shall re-evaluate the arrangement and look into capital cost sharing factors.

Current equipment inventory for sharing:

R.M. of Gull Lake No. 139

  • ripper
  • grass seeder
  • sheepsfoot packer
  • gravel retriever/disc

R.M. of Carmichael No. 109

  • Sandnvick blade
  • rock picker
  • rotevator
  • Jointly owned - distributor truck


400-5.1 Machinery Pool


The R.M. of Gull Lake No. 139, R.M. of Webb No. 138 and R. M. of Carmichael No. 109 have jointly purchased road maintenance equipment which is needed periodically by each municipality. The R.M. of Gull Lake administers the machinery pool. The cost of equipment, repair and maintenance is shared equally.

The R.M. of Gull Lake maintains a trust account for the machinery pool in which all rental fees received are accumulated and repairs and maintenance of the equipment is paid out.

List of Machinery Pool Equipment and Rental Rates:


No. Item Member Non-Member
2 Wobbly Wheel Packer $3/h $6/h
1 Metal Detector    



The equipment is rented only for small jobs and only to local people or local governments.