400-10 Gravel Sales


  • Gravel may be sold to ratepayers during the municipal gravel hauling program; requests must be made to the administrator in the spring; and a limit 20 yards (one load) of gravel per yard site per year the cost of gravel, crush, loading and trucking shall apply at a total rate of $8.00 per yard (costs averaged and equalized throughout the municipality).
  • For uncrushed gravel from our pits, our charges shall be $0.25 over royalty charges per cubic yard.
  • Crush gravel may be available off the belt during crush plus all applicable crush, loading and trucking costs.
  • All gravel sold is to be stockpiled off the site and all requirements, permits etc. are to be brought before the council prior to approval.
  • Crush tailings may be sold at $2.00 per yard plus loading and trucking costs. (Res.3-10)