400-20 Dust Control Policy Using Waste Oil


The use of approved waste oil may be considered for dust control application at occupied farm sites adjacent to roads as material is available from the local oil companies under the following terms.

The Oil company shall be responsible for:

  • the oil analysis,
  • the application to Saskatchewan Energy and Mines for approval,
  • the trucking and
  • the spreading of the material on the R.M. designated sites.

The municipality shall be responsible for blading the oily waste material into the road, maintenance and designating the sites. The criteria for site designation shall be as follows:

  • Receipt of an application from the owner of the farmsite adjacent to the road.
  • Priority to be given to high volume designated roads
  • Material to be applied for a maximum of 600 feet on the road adjacent to the farmsite in the direction of the prevailing winds.

The applicant (adjacent land owner)shall be required for

  • payment of all cost of materials and contract equipment used to apply the dust control at the farm site as approved by council.
  • payment of all cost of materials and contract equipment used in subsequent applications as determined by safety conditions and direction of council.
  • Sign a waiver releasing the Municipality of any liability to private property due to the oil or oily dust residue.
  • See appendix G-400-12 for application form.