400-26 Fences


The municipality will be responsible for paying the cost of the labour for the removal and replacement of a comparable fence where needed for the purpose of road building. The municipality shall be responsible for posts 3-4 inches x 6 feet placed at a minimum of 25 feet apart and the replacement of existing gates. The owner shall be responsible for the cost of all wire and for costs relating to any difference in post size, placement, wire or gates and associated labour.



400-26.1 Temporary Fences for Cattle Containment During Road Construction (Res. 3-09)


Adjacent landowners to road construction projects shall be encouraged/requested to move cattle to another holding area during construction. In the event that moving the cattle is not possible, then the following shall apply:

  • The municipality shall install an electric fence where and where and whenever possible.

  • If an electric fence is not conducive to the situation, then the municipality may erect a two wire fence with the land owner being responsible for the cost of wire.

  • The municipality shall be responsible for the removal of all temporary fencing as soon as possible upon completion of the construction with exception of reclamation areas as addressed in policy 400-26.2. (Res.3-09)


400-26.2 Temporary Fences for Reclamation Areas (Res. 3-09)


Temporary fences may be required from time to time to re-establish grassed areas damaged or removed through the road construction process. In this instance the municipality shall be responsible for the installation and removal of the fence in lieu of the area being out of commission to the owner for a longer period of time. The installation shall consist of a two wire fence round the perimeter of the reclamation area and the removal of the fence once the grass is established.  (Res.3-09)