400-30 Road Development Policy


Council adopted the following road allowance development policy for the purpose of expediting the approval process and accommodating the oil and gas industry:

All applications for development of road allowances must be submitted in writing to the R.M. office. the Oil and Gas Co. making application shall be responsible for:

  • the building, maintenance and graveling of the road being developed and shall remain responsible as long as the industry is the primary user of said road.

  • negotiating with the land owners for fence removal and right of ways, and any damage to utility cables or pipelines located in the road allowance which may occur during construction or maintenance;

  • constructing the road to a minimum standard of 24 foot top and 3 to 1 slopes, these standards also apply to the approaches.

  • all drainage;

  • Texas gates/cattle guards on rangeland in compliance with municipal Texas Gate policy;

  • ensuring that written permission from the Municipality has been issued 

  • prior to commencing construction;

  • Permission for the industry development of road allowances may be granted between council meetings with consultation with the respective Councillor, Reeve and administrator.