400-31 Road Crossings - Pipelines


For the purpose of pipeline design and installations parallel or crossing municipal road allowances, the following conditions shall apply:

  • all road allowances are deemed to be 45.72 meters (150 feet);

  • all pipelines must be installed at right angles to the road allowance;

  • pipelines should cross road allowances at the low spots where ever possible;

  • minimum pipeline depth shall be 2.5 meters (8 feet) in low spots and 3.7 meters (12 feet) in high spots on the road allowance;

  • all developed roads must be punched through;

  • encasement and vents are required on all high traffic roads or other roads as deemed necessary by Council;

  • vents may be placed on the outer edge of the existing right of way but will require moving at such times as road widening or construction occurs.