400-1.2 Road Construction Procedure

Posted on November 27th, 2011 by cal.


  • The contractor is directly responsible to the engineer in regards to the plan, design and construction standards.

  • The engineer is responsible to the supervising councillor, any additional approaches or re-locations must be submitted to the engineer for inclusion in the project design.

  • The supervising councillor is responsible for:
    •  limiting interference with the contracting engineer by the land owners,
    • ensuring that land owners needs are met, i.e.: approaches,
    • ensuring fences are removed, and culverts are on site when needed,
    • provide a location for culvert storage,
    • be on site to take inventory when culverts are delivered,
    • arranging for traffic detours,
    • arranging for water haulers if required,
    • notify the administrator when project is nearing completion so that gravel haul may be co-ordinated.
    • participate in the final inspection of the road upon completion of the construction for clearance to apply gravel. Note: that once the project is released for gravel, the contractor is released from his obligation for repairs on the road due to weather conditions.
    • sign the project release form once you have inspected the road with the foreman, engineer, and the contractor and are in agreement that the road is completed to satisfaction and ready for graveling.