400-1.7 Lock Out Policy

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.


POLICY: A process to protect workers who undertake the maintenance, repair, test or adjustment of a machine.

PURPOSE: To provide a written lock out process to each worker to ensure theirs and others safety when repairing, testing, adjusting or maintaining a machine.


  • Provide a written lockout process to each worker who is required to work on a machine either repairing, testing, adjusting, or maintaining a machine.
  • Ensure the purchase of the lockout tags for the workers to use to ensure safety while performing maintenance, repair, testing, or adjusting of a machine.
  • Ensure the workers understand that if the lockout tags are not being used the keys must be removed from the machine to ensure that it cannot be used while under lockout.


  • Ensure all workers are adequately informed of the process for lockout.


  • Ensure the safety of themselves and others by following the written lockout process.