400-1.8 Disciplinary Procedures (Res. 221-08)

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.

The nature of discipline is corrective and its purpose is to motivate employees to accept rules and standards of conduct which are necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the municipality.

The Municipal Council agrees to act reasonably in all circumstances in applying disciplinary procedures. In the event the Municipal Council initiates a disciplinary action against an employee the following procedure shall be followed:

  1. Oral Reprimand - The employee shall be interviewed by the Employee Committee and made aware of the performance problem. The employee shall be heard and any explanation considered. The employee shall be made aware of the improvement expected. The date and con tent of the discussion are to be recorded in a memo to be retained in the employee’s personnel file.
  2. Written Reprimand -If the desired degree of improvement does not follow the verbal warning or if a further incident occurs, whether it is a repetition of the first or a different infraction, a written warning is to be given to the employee by the Reeve. The written warning shall include:
    1. Confirmation of the warning discussion
    2. Statement of the rule or standard abused or the nature of the unsatisfactory performance.
    3. Statement describing the improvement that is required.
    4. State consequences should situation not be rectified.
    5. Written warning to be acknowledged by the employee in writing and a copy retained in the individual’s personnel file.

The Municipal Council has the right to bypass discipline steps, depending on the type and severity of action and the impact on the job and fellow employees. Council may go directly to suspension if necessary.