400-2.1 Transportation - Wage Negotiations

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.


The Council should determine if the employees are at their appropriate wage levels, after taking into consideration. The experience, qualifications, years of work with the municipality, job function and responsibility level, and wage relative to other employees etc. If the employee is not at their appropriate wage level, then adjustments should be made. These adjustments could be made over a phase-in period.


The employees’ committee should meet with each employee prior to the December Council meeting for the purpose of determining the employees’ expectations and to hear any considerations the employee may have in mind.


The employee Committee shall consider the amount that can be expended on salary increases with consideration to a Cost of Living Allowance and a performance bonus and make recommendations to the council.


The Cost of Living Allowance will then be applied uniformly between all employees.


The Council, in December will hear the committee’s recommendations and set the employee wages for the coming year.