400-2.7 Maintenance Operators - Duties and Responsibilities

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.


Job Description:

  • This is a full time year round position
  • Maintenance Operator is directly responsible to the Foreman.


  • Must possess a valid drivers licence and provide his own truck.
  • Have knowledge of grader operation and service.
  • Have a working knowledge of road building and maintenance.
  • Have a full working knowledge of grading technique.
  • Must be capable of working with a minimum or without supervision
  • Have a neat and clean appearance.


  • Maintain and repair all roads on a priority basis as required by road conditions unless instructed by Foreman.
  • Blade all roads in a professional and a safe manner.
  • Do work as per the road maintenance schedule or as requested by Foreman.
  • Service your own machine, make and assist in repairs as qualified to do so.
  • Carry necessary tools for minor repairs.
  • Make sure equipment is in a safe operating condition (walk around check and operational check shall be done).
  • Make sure engines are properly warmed up before operating.
  • Major Breakdowns - Contact the Foreman
  • To perform work such as fencing, mowing, rock picking, clean shop or other duties as assigned by Foreman.
  • Clean out culvert ends and report damaged ends to Foreman.
  • Keep track of gravel needs as required.
  • Signs are to be replaced as soon as possible and inform the foreman immediately.
  • The operator may be required to do some custom work. All custom work must be approved by the foreman. Ratepayers must sign a waiver before, the operator undertakes the work. Any and all work off road allowance is chargeable, except for one blading per year on lanes from road to occupied farm steads.
  • Maintain resident ratepayer roads only upon request by the ratepayer.
  • Grader operator and utility personnel are directly responsible to the Foreman.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Foreman’s job description and apply it when making decisions.
  • Address fellow employees in a reasonable manner and with respect.
  • Be willing to follow directions.
  • Employees are expected to address all ratepayers with respect, when complaints are filed with you, report them to the Foreman or the Reeve .
  • Keep detailed time sheets, log books and maps as requested
  • Work hours as per the schedule.
  • Shop hours limited to 8 hours per day.
  • Road maintenance personnel may be required to work 10 hour days during certain seasons.
  • Rain days may be taken off, unless advised otherwise (check with Foreman) this time can be made up on either Saturdays or other holidays. (Sunday excluded) arrangements to be made with the Foreman.
  • Employees are not required to work on Sundays, except in extenuating circumstances.
  • The employee must apply to the Foreman for approval of holiday period.
  • Cellular phones to be left on at all times during working hours.
  • No alcohol shall be consumed during hours of work or after hours on the shop premises.