400-2.7 Seasonal Utility Personnel - Duties and Responsibilities

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.



  • The Utility employment is seasonal from April to October.
  • Have knowledge in the operation of a tractor and mower
  • Have his own truck from time to time (mowing season)
  • Must possess a valid drivers licence
  • Be capable of working with a minimum or without supervision
  • Have a neat and clean appearance.


  • Grader operator and utility personnel are directly responsible to the Foreman.
  • Work hours as per time-sheet, as per the schedule or directed by Foreman.
  • To perform, work such as fencing, mowing, rock picking, clean shop or other duties as assigned by Foreman.
  • Clean out culvert ends and report damaged ends to Foreman
  • Keep machine and equipment clean inside and out.
  • Make sure equipment is in a safe operating condition (walk around check and operational check shall be done).
  • Make sure shop and shop yard is kept neat
  • Address fellow employees in a reasonable manner and with respect.
  • Be willing to follow directions
  • Employees are expected to address all ratepayers with respect, when complaints are filed, report them to the Foreman or the Reeve .
  • Keep detailed time sheets and log books (maps) as requested
  • Work hours as per the schedule.
  • Shop hours limited to 8 hours per day.
  • Road maintenance personnel may be required to work 10 hour days during certain seasons.
  • Employees are not required to work on Sundays except in extenuating circumstances.
  • Holidays are paid out monthly.
  • Cellular phones to be left on at all times during working hours.
  • No alcohol shall be consumed during hours of work or after hours on the shop premises.