400-33 Cattle Guard Policy on Road Allowances

Posted on February 9th, 2012 by cal.


SCOPE: This policy includes all cattle guards (Texas gates) situated on road allowances and surveyed roads within the Municipality


  1. To ensure that the R.M. is aware of the existence of all cattle guards within the municipality;
  2. To ensure that cattle guards are built and maintained to a standard satisfactory to the R.M. Council and to ensure the safety of users of municipal roads.


Registration of existing cattle guards on road allowances and surveyed roads will be required, and will include the owners name and location.


  • Written permission must be obtained before a cattle guard may be placed on a road allowance or on a surveyed municipal road.

  • Cattle guards must meet the R.M. specifications and standards.

  • A detailed plan of the cattle guard must be submitted in writing to the council of the R.M. prior to installation.

  • Installation is the responsibility of the landowner, but must be supervised by the R.M. personnel.

  • Maintenance of the cattle guard is the responsibility of the landowner.

  • “Cattle at Large”, “Texas Gate Ahead” and “Advisory Speed Signs” shall be posted on all road allowances and surveyed roads with Texas Gates; and the cost for signs and installation to be charged to the landowner.

  • The land owner shall provide an alternate crossing in the form of a minimum 24 foot gate in the fence beside the Texas gate and an approach to the fence gate to accommodate passage of wide or heavy equipment.



  • Minimum weight requirements according to Provincial weight restrictions.

  • Space between cross members shall be a minimum of 5 inches on 2 7/8 pipe.

  • Pipe cross members should be minimum of 2 7/8 inches.

  • Cross members shall be supported by a minimum of 4 - 6 x 6 x ½ I beam, T iron or pipe of equal strength.

  • Size - minimum of 20 feet by 6 feet on municipal roads.

  • Size - minimum of 16 feet by 6 feet on undeveloped road allowances or bladed trails.

  • Wings on either side of cattle guard shall be a minimum of 4 feet in height.

  • Material shall be all steel construction top sitting on steel or concrete foundations.

  • Installation must be supervised by R.M. personnel.


The Cattle Guard Committee shall be appointed annually, and shall be composed of three council members.


  • The Cattle guard committee shall inspect all cattle guards in the R.M. annually and report any which do not meet specifications to the Council. The Cattle Guard Committee shall investigate any complaints received regarding cattle guards, and take appropriate action.

  • If any of the standards are not met, council can order the cattle guard repaired or removed. If the landowner does not comply, R.M. personnel will remove the cattle guard and repair the road site and invoice the owner of the cattle guard for the costs of repair or removal.

  • Bylaw required declaring the road allowance “open herd” (bylaw 73-01).