400-6 Machinery Rates

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Posted on January 18th, 2012 by cal.


The municipal machinery rental rates reflecting equipment and operator for all power units are as follows:

Item Ratepayer Non-Ratepayer
Grass Seeder & Tractor $50/day $50/day
Gravel Truck $75/h $75/h
Sheepsfoot Packer Not rented Not rented
Patrol $80/h (min 1/2 h) $115/h (min 1 h)
Rick Picker    
Rick Rake $61/h (min 1/2 h) $70/h (min 1/2 h)
Snowplowing (includes all work done beyond municipal roads) $80/h (min 1/2 h) $115/h (min 1/2 h)
Snowplowing (Dept. of Highways roads)   $130/h
Tractor & Mower $70/h $90/h
Tree Planter $70 deposit