500-2 Waste Disposal

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Posted on February 9th, 2012 by cal.


The R.M. of Gull Lake has contributed to the capital costs of the Disposal sites and annual operating fee in the past through agreements, however these agreements are no longer in place and have been replaced with everyone being required to pay a tipping fee each time refuse deposits are made to the sites.

The Town of Gull Lake and the Village of Tompkins own and manage the waste disposal sites as follows:

  • The Gull Lake Site is located SE-18-13-18-W3M

  • The Tompkins Site is located SW-11-13-21-W3M

  • There is a tipping fee charged to users of the site, and residents of the rural municipality may use the sites when open and paying the tipping fee.

  • The municipality contracts with Waste Management for a container pickup at the shop at a annual cost of $450.