What are you looking at?We are a local government made up of one reeve and six councillors. As stated in our policy manual, the Councillors and Reeve are primarily elected for their leadership qualities. As citizen representatives, they have a vested interest in the welfare of their community, and, therefore, must possess two other necessary qualifications. First a member must have the skill and experience to adequately meet the demands of the position. Secondly, he or she must have the time and willingness to serve.

Reeve & Council Members
Reeve Elizabeth Kramer
Division 1 John Slabik
Division 2 Patrick Simpson
Division 3 Craig Todd
Division 4 Rob Toney
Division 5 Thomas Bucheler
Division 6 Jason Craig


Administrator Jeanette Kerr
Office Assistant Stephanie Stusrud
Shop Foreman Ken New
Maintenance Operator Tim Jones
Casual Maintenance Operators Norm Leduc & Pat Robinson- Student Anthony Lamarre