Box 180 - Gull LakeSK, S0N 1A0
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Wildlife abounds in the area, many migratory birds, antelope, deer, badgers, rabbits and gophers can be spotted.

Prairie Outfitters offers outfitting packages which include accommodation, packed lunches, guiding (for big game and migratory bird hunting), pit digging, decoys, and plucking, dressing, hanging, freezing, and filleting services. Ideally located on a main migratory flyway in the heart of big game country, Prairie Outfitters is a hunter’s paradise.

Nature lovers and hunters alike come from all over the world to see the many different kinds of wildlife and vegetation in the Great Sand Hills. Some of the sand dunes are fringed by small clumps of trees such as aspen, birch, and willow, and low brushes such as rose, chokecherry, and sagebrush. The native prairie grasses help bind the fine sand together. Farmers take advantage of the vegetation on the sand hills by grazing their cattle on the hills. Antelope feed on sagebrush and the neighbouring farmers’ green crops, located on the edge of the hills. The many species of animals living in this area rely on the Sand Hills for survival; these include birds such as the sand hill crane, partridge, prairie chicken, hawks, and sharp-tailed grouse, and animals such as the white-tail deer, mule deer, coyote, rabbits, antelope, and foxes. Open all year-round, tourists can climb to the top of one of the Great Sand Hills and view the 1900 square km area of dry, desert-like landscape. The large mass of sand and dunes lie in a chinook region, and because they are subject to strong winds, predominantly from the west and northwest, the sand dunes are moving east at a rate of about four meters per year.

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