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Economic Information

The economy of the RM of Gull Lake is based primarily on oil, gas, farming and ranching. The 2022 assessment by property class percentages are:  Commercial/Industrial 45%, Elevators 8%, Railway/pipeline 2%, Agriculture 43% and Residential/Seasonal 2%.

CCS Energy Services established a treatment, recovery and disposal site as well as a landfill waste management facility in the municipality.  This facility treats, recovers, and disposes of all upstream petroleum wastes.  The facility also provides emulsion treatment, water disposal and tank and truck washing services.  The class two engineered landfill is a long-term solution for disposal of oil field waste solids and contaminated soil.  The landfill is designed, constructed and operated to exceed the highest industry and regulatory standards.  The recent establishment of the Imperial Oil Supply and Distribution Centre for the Southwest was a welcomed addition to the municipality as well.

Included in agriculture revenue are the elevators located in the RM. Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Gull Lake Grain Terminal and Agri products serves not only the municipality but a large surrounding area.

In the municipality there are three service stations,  the Shell at Gull Lake, Co-op in the Town of Gull Lake,  and the Co-op at Tompkins.

The municipality offers many incentives to enhance economic growth within the region. An Agriculture Development and Diversification committee was established, consisting of council appointed representatives from the six divisions in the municipality, to assist in identifying local issues and programs for the community to promote economic development. This board has formed a corporate body under the name of the A.D.D. Small Loans Association for the purpose of administering loans up to $15,000 per applicant, at reasonable interest rates. Further to this, the municipality has set aside Rural Economic Development money in the amount of $5000 for the purpose of extending loans to businesses within the community requiring financial assistance to either start up or expand.

The RM has a phase-in assessment on business and property improvements which includes a 100% exemption for the year of development and the first calendar year of operation, 80% exemption for the third year, 60% exemption for the fourth year and 20% exemption for the fifth year. The R.M. will build roads on road allowances only if the development requires the road and an agreement is in place. Oil and gas well development is approved as a permitted use in the agriculture district; and the administrator has authority to issue development permits upon consultation with the reeve and respective councillor and under current approach and road development policies. Drilling licenses are issued at a fee of $450 per well and $225 per hole for exploration below the drift for the purpose of obtaining geological and structural information. Seismic testing is exempted from fees.

The RM of Gull Lake is an extremely progressive municipality. It was one of the first municipalities in the province to enter into joint agreements with other RM’s, towns, and villages to accomplish development.


Land Area in the R.M. of Gull Lake No. 139:

Pasture Land          92,865 Acres

Cultivated Land      97,973 Acres

Total Acres:     193,459.34 Acres

.7 is roughly made up of highway, railway and industrial.