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Pest & Weed Control

Pest Control

The municipality appoints a Pest Control Officer each year to keep rat infestation in check.  The Pest control Officer is hired by contract to conduct two tours of the entire municipality each year one in early spring and in the fall.

Pest Control Products, when available at the Municipal Office, free of charge to residents of the R.M. of Gull Lake #139:

  • Contract grain bait
  • Resolve soft bait
  • Jaguar 50 rat and mouse poison

Pest Control Products, when available at the Municipal Office, at cost:

  • Rozol for Robertson ground squirrel

Weed Control

Noxious Weeds

The municipality may provide a licensed applicator when available and chemical herbicide for application on specific species of noxious weeds under the Noxious Weed Act and approved by council; specifically the Western Water Hemlock, Russian Knapweed and Field Bindweed.

The municipality shall cover 100% of the wages and chemical costs for each chemical application.

The municipality shall be responsible for the cost of the fuel and equipment. (Motion 151-19)

Leafy Spurge

The municipality shall control and eradicate the invasive Leafy Spurge weed and absorb 100% of the cost of controlling this invasive plant species within the municipality for five years. (Res.185-10)


Please contact the office for further information regarding our Policy and assistance programs available for control and the prevention of spread.