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Author: RM 139

2024 Municipal Elections

Wednesday, November 13, 2024 elections will be held for Reeve and Councillors representing odd-number division in rural municipalities.

General elections for each office are held every four years.  Rural municipalities holds an election for selected divisions every two years; however, each council member holds office for a four-year term.

Monday, November 9th, 2026 elections will be held for Councillors representing even-numbered division in rural municipalities.


Policy 800 Fiscal Services

This Section speaks to the RM Fiscal transparency and responsibilities to their Ratepayers.  These policies encompass revenues, expenses, Five Year Plan, accounting and reporting of tangible capital assets and Asset Management.

Policy 600 Environmental Development Services

As per Bylaw 162-20 Official Community Plan, Section 2.5.2 states, “The RM will provide for a mix and range of development including agriculture, commercial, and recreation in order to promote economic development opportunities”.

Section 7.1 states, “Council acknowledges the significant important of the resources industry such as pipelines, oil and gas well as supporting infrastructure and will encourage opportunity where those resources are located”.

Policy 600-1 is the Commercial Development Policy for new businesses developing in the RM.

Policies 600-2 to 600-5 are guidelines for the Oil and Gas Industry. As well, please see related Policies in Section 400-29 to 400-32 as a guide for pipeline, power poles and approaches.

Also note, there is a minimum of 200 feet set back from the center of the road allowance for all above ground structures.